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Artist callout: The Sound of Adventure

Today we’re really happy to launch the artist callout for our project The Sound of Adventure, a collaboration with adventure travel specialists Exodus Travels.

Over the last two months, a hand-picked group of recordists have been out in the field, capturing sounds from countries in the “most visited destinations” list, with everything from traditional Masai singing in Kenya to jungle dawn choruses in Costa Rica.

We’re now looking for musicians and artists to take these field recordings and create a suite of brand new compositions based on their own spirit of wonder, adventure and exploration.

This is a paid commission, with £200 for every composition – there are just 11 spaces for artists in the final shortlist.

If you’d like to take part, fill in this short form, which should take 5-10 minutes to complete.

We’re looking for musicians to develop compositions for this project that would appeal to a wide music listener audience – ideally melodic or song-based compositions.

The deadline for applications is 15 October, with shortlisted artists contacted by 19 October. The deadline for final compositions will be 31 December, with the project launching in early 2024.

The full list of countries from which we’ll have field recordings to use as source material is as follows: Costa Rica, Japan, Kenya, USA, France, Vietnam, Finland, India, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, Thailand and Italy.

Through the sounds in this project, listeners will be transported to incredible places such as luscious rainforests teeming with life, dreamy beaches with gently breaking waves, bustling local markets or villages in which all you can hear are the songs of the call to prayer or church bells.