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5,000 Miles

2020 forced us to stay at home, static in one corner of the world.

Through spatial audio technology and ambisonic 3D recording, 5000 Miles transports you to another place through the evocative sounds of another culture. Listen as locations change, conversations walk around you and busy streets envelop you.

The project, a multimedia collaboration with Cities and Memory and leading creative sound and light art agency Ithaca, is an immersive real-world audio experience that is currently touring festivals in the UK throughout 2021, and we’re proud to present it as a complementary online binaural exploration.

⚠️ NB. All recordings are binaural so best listened to on headphones! 🎧

The first two locations – Taiwan and Thailand – are available to explore now, and we’ll be adding further locations as the project expands and develops throughout the year.

You can also explore the sounds geographically via the sound map below.

Images from the 5,000 Miles recording locations

The diagram below illustrates the 5,000 miles bracket from which the sounds in this project will be drawn.

5000 miles

Who are Ithaca?

ITHACA is a company of light artists, sound designers, composers, editors and experimenters based in Brighton, UK, mixing light, sound and technology in exciting new ways. You can find out more about their work here.