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What do you need me to provide?

  • We need the location of the sound, as precisely as possible. If you can provide a map/lat-long reference, then great – if not, then a link on Google maps, for instance, or a fairly detailed description will do (e.g. ‘the corner of X street and Y street in Z town’).
  • An indication of the date the recording was made is great too, even if only month and year. Places – and their sounds – change over time, and it’s important to reflect that.
  • What would also be brilliant – but isn’t 100% necessary – is a photo of the location, which really helps to get the sense of place across and makes everything look nicer!
  • If you’d like to write an accompanying blog post/blurb about your sound, that would be very welcome but isn’t mandatory. It’d be nice to hear about where you were, what inspired the original recording, and what inspired the approach for the reimagined version. We’re happy to publish accompanying material you’d like in the blog alongside the sound, and our readers really like to know the thoughts and inspiration behind the reimagined sounds.