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national poetry day

Sounds for National Poetry Day

It’s National Poetry Day on 1 October, so to mark the occasion, we thought we’d bring together a few occasions on which poetry has been absolutely central to how an artist has reimagined the sounds of the world – when a poem is at the


The fairytale bells of San Rocco

We’re currently spending a little bit of time in northern Italy, recording and reimagining some of the sounds we come across in the process – today’s is from the beautiful town of Possagno. At five o’clock, the bells at Chiesa di San Rocco high up

abbazia pisani

Italy rings in a new year

Today we’re ringing in the new year! The traditional morning bells ring out across every town in Italy on New Year’s Day, as every individual campanile chimes in its own distinctive way, as recognisable and unique as a fingerprint, or the lines on the back


Stay at home! Lockdown in Milan

As part of our #StayHomeSounds project, we’ve been collecting and also reimagining the sounds of the global lockdown – today we’re visiting Milan, Italy at the height of the lockdown in March 2020, with a brand new composition inspired by the “stay at home” messages

Sounds of the global lockdown – before and after

One of the most fascinating things to come out of our #StayHomeSounds project to record the sounds of the global Covid-19 lockdown has been to compare some of the world’s bustling, busy cities as they are today with how they were just a few short