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Sounds of the global lockdown – before and after

One of the most fascinating things to come out of our #StayHomeSounds project to record the sounds of the global Covid-19 lockdown has been to compare some of the world’s bustling, busy cities as they are today with how they were just a few short

Pellestrina, Venice

While Pellestrina dreams

Pellestrina is an idyllic, unspoilt little island in the south of the Venetian lagoon, much less frequented by tourists than the likes of Lido or Murano. Here we’re sitting on harbour side of this unusually long, thin island, enjoying an unspoilt and peaceful view that’s


The sounds of AS Cittadella

Join us on the football field at a mid-table Serie B clash on a warm August evening between Cittadella and Cremonese – a drummer is stirring up the home ultras, who switch between periods of animated singing, excitable shouting to urge their team on and


A fleeting memory in Florence

Next stop on our tour of the Three Words project is Florence, Italy, with this recording of the Piazza della Repubblica by Valerio Orlandini: “The city centre is full of things to see (and to listen to) packed in a small space, and it is

The sirens of San Vigilio

Today’s field recording is from beautiful Lake Garda in Italy, as waves lap against a small wooden quay at the picturesque Punta San Vigilio viewpoint. Gentle waves crash in as a speedboat passes, which then grow along with the sounds of boatwash towards the end