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erawan shrine

Rituals at the Erawan shrine, Bangkok

Today’s sound is from one of the world’s most fascinating cities – Bangkok, Thailand. Shaun Malone captured a field recording from the Erawan shrine, which has its own fascinating history, apparently built in 1956 on the advice of an astrologer, as part of the government-owned

sarajevo city guide

Sounds from Sarajevo

It’s time to explore the stunning city of Sarajevo in sound – you can already read our Sarajevo city guide by Rafael Diogo, but as an extra treat today we have two brilliant compositions built from the sounds of the city.

Zealandia image by Judi Lapsley Miller

In Zealandia

Let’s take a trip to the charmingly-named Zealandia nature reserve outside Wellington, New Zealand, for this natural soundscape recorded by Richard Watts: “Zealandia is a nature reserve in Wellington – in this field recording, you can hear lots of cicadas and various birds including a

Electronic Sound x Cities and Memory feature and release

We're excited to let you know that we've teamed up with the excellent music magazine Electronic Sound on their special field recording issue this month. We've collaborated with Electronic Sound on a special double-CD album release, which contains an entire disc of highlights from right
brood x

Brood X cicadas – an underground transmission

One of the great natural events of this year has been the Brood X phenomenon, in which every 17 years cicada nymphs tunnel upwards from underground and hatch en masse, in their trillions. Brood X is one of 15 broods of periodical cicadas that appear