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Open call – your field recordings of obsolete sounds wanted!

Open call: your recordings of obsolete sounds wanted Our latest global sound project is called Obsolete Sounds - and it will be the world’s biggest collection of disappearing sounds and sounds that have become extinct. We're looking for YOUR recordings of obsolete and disappearing sounds

Wanted: field recordings from Africa

Cities and Memory is looking for contributions of field recordings from across Africa as part of our global mapping of the sounds of the world. Our global sound map is one of the biggest sound projects in the world, with 5,000 sounds covering more than

shortwave radio

The end of radio

The world of shortwave radio listening often captures the final moments of a radio station somewhere in the world making its last announcement before closing down forever, and our Shortwave Transmissions project captures the melancholy of several final broadcasts, three of which we break down

We talk about the weather

Where there are radio broadcasts, there are radio presenters talking about the weather. We present four selections from the Shortwave Transmissions project in which weather reports are reimagined in all manner of different and extraordinary ways. Settle back and listen to our reimagined weather forecasts.