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Explore Margate through our series of sonic postcards. Click on a postcard to play the sound from the location – click on it again to stop the sound.

To explore all of our sounds from the town, visit the Margate sound map page. If you don’t hear anything when you click on the postcards, give the page a few seconds to load the sounds and try again.

Margate main sands

A children’s train – part of the family amusements on Margate’s main sands (1 min 51 sec).

Botany Bay

Waves break on the beach in a secluded spot in Botany Bay (4 min 47 sec).

Jetskiiers and a dog warning

Margate main sands – jetskiers set off on a trip around the bay, and there’s a warning about dogs on the beach (2 min 58 sec).

How things used to be in Margate

A conversation at the Lighthouse Bar between locals about how the town used to be (4 min 43 sec).

Inside the Turner Contemporary

Conversations inside the Turner Contemporary during the Grayson Perry exhibition, June 2015 (5 min 20 sec).

Children playing in the sea

Children play in the water while a couple discuss job prospects (3 min 42 sec).

Summer thunderstorm in Margate

A summer thunderstorm breaks across the town – locals and tourists take refuge in Cafe G on the seafront (2 min 20 sec).

Westgate-on-Sea waves

Waves break on a jetty in Westgate-on-Sea (3 min 06 sec).

Margate railway station

Saturday afternoon arrivals at Margate’s main railway station (4 min 52 sec).