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The zone of the Simoniacs, created by John Tenney.

“At first, people might think that the ancient sin of simony (buying one’s way into religious favour for salvation, or monetary gain) is hopelessly old-fashioned.

“But there is still big money – maybe HUGE money – being made in the name of religion. Here, a modern man wants to buy a priesthood, with disastrous (in fact, INFERNAL) results…”

Part of the Inferno project by Cities and Memory to imagine and compose the sounds of Dante’s Hell, marking the 700th anniversary of The Divine Comedy.
Eighty artists from around the world each composed the sounds of a different zone of the poet’s journey through the Inferno.
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A brand new soundtrack for the 1911 Italian silent movie L’Inferno was also composed from edited selections from the Inferno project.