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Tag: Andy Billington

sarajevo city guide

Sounds from Sarajevo

It’s time to explore the stunning city of Sarajevo in sound – you can already read our Sarajevo city guide by Rafael Diogo, but as an extra treat today we have two brilliant compositions built from the sounds of the city.

Departing from Jeddah – a pre-flight supplication

Pre-flight announcements are different all over the world, and as well as the differences from airline to airline, there’s a cultural specificity to many of them. Before an internal flight from Jeddah to Riyadh, a supplication to Allah for safety in travel is broadcast after the regular safety announcements you’d

pagan ritual

A pagan ritual in rural England

An unusual field recording for you today, as we tune into a pagan ritual taking place at an ancient monument in rural England. Upon visiting an ancient historical site more than 5,000 years old in Oxfordshire, the Rollright Stones, we stumbled across a pagan May ritual being performed. The site

Dawn chorus photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

A fragile dawn chorus

The sonic beauty of a dawn chorus – dawn after heavy rainfall on common land with scrub. Here, the dawn chorus is at its peak: chiffchaffs, a nightingale, blackbird, lesser whitethroats, a cuckoo, willow warbler and blackcap, pheasants, a woodpigeon, a carrion crow, song thrush and a distant cockerel. This

The history of Zagreb

A cannon booms out into the sky, and then the bells ring out across the city of Zagreb, Croatia, in today’s recording by Mark Wilden. This sound was recomposed with a historical bent by Andy Billington, who explains: “The original field recording is still there in the background and set