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Tag: Andy Gillham

All aboard the International Space Station

We’re on board the International Space Station today, with this amazing sound from the European Space Agency, who describe it like this: Ever wonder how the International Space Station alarms sounds? This emergency alert is the last thing astronauts on the ISS ever want to hear as they work 400

Inside CERN – the sounds of science

We have a rare treat today – sounds from inside the facilities of the famous European Centre for Nuclear Research, CERN, provided by Cities and Memory contributor Andy Gillham, who describes his visit: “This is an amalgamation of recordings made entirely within the facilities of CERN on the Franco-Swiss border

The gods of Yakushima, Japan

Another trip to Japan today, with a field recording from the extraordinary ancient forests of Yakushima, Japan – a World Heritage site. This was recorded and reimagined by Andy Gillham, who writes: “The field recording features bird calls and nature recorded on a walk deep in the lush subtropical ancient