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Tag: George Vlad

national poetry day

Sounds for National Poetry Day

It’s National Poetry Day on 1 October, so to mark the occasion, we thought we’d bring together a few occasions on which poetry has been absolutely central to how an artist has reimagined the sounds of the world – when a poem is at the heart of a recomposed piece,

African fish eagles – an unsuccessful hunt

Continuing our summary of the Sounding Nature project, join us today at dawn in the Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary in Senegal. Listen to the unforgettable sound of African fish eagles carries over the water, accompanied by other bird calls, distant pelican croaks and water movement, recorded by George Vlad. The

The baboon dance, Senegal

When night falls in Niokolo Koba, the baboons start arguing over the best spots in the trees – as you can hear in this fantastic recording by George Vlad. This was reimagined by Ricky Milano, who created a full electronica track from the sounds of these amazing animals: “When I