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Tag: Giulia Biasibetti

tokyo sounds

Future Cities: the sounds of Tokyo

Having launched our Future Cities project to map how the sounds of our cities are changing, we’re heading off on a tour of the world to listen in to some of its most fascinating urban spaces. What better place to start than the ultra-modern metropolis of Tokyo? Here we tune

geiko kyoto

A rare chance to hear a geiko performance

A rare treat for you today, with the opportunity to listen in to an authentic geiko performance from Kyoto, Japan, as recorded by Giulia Biasibetti. “As a Westerner, it is rare to see a performance by authentic Kyoto Geiko as only a few groups remain who still train and perform

oxford sounds

Oxford: our beautiful city during lockdown

Here in the UK during the current coronavirus lockdown (as of early May 2020), we’re allowed to go out for one form of exercise per day. As part of my prescribed exercise, I’ve stopped in a few places around our city of Oxford to capture how it sounds in this

The terminal wait: Jomo Kenyatta airport, Nairobi

A familiar location for travellers today – the departures gate, this time at Jomo Kenyatta airport in Nairobi, recorded by Giulia Biasibetti. You can hear among the normal sounds of bustle and shopping in the terminal the crackle of the security guards’ radios and the feedback as they stand too

Inside the world of Geiko, Kyoto

A real treat for lovers of unusual sounds today – a rare chance to listen to the sounds of a traditional geiko performance from Kyoto, Japan, courtesy of a field recording by Giulia Biasibetti. “It’s not easy to experience truly traditional geisha entertainment in Japan these days, so it was