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Tag: Kamen Nedev

Istanbul sounds

Future Cities: the sounds of Istanbul

The next stop on our tour of the world’s urban sounds takes us to where Europe and Asia meet on the Bosphorus – let’s tune in to Istanbul sounds. The call to prayer is a classic sound of the city, and David Webb recorded this one on a hill in the

What makes a field recording special? (part one)

Over years of field recording, we’ve often pondered the question ‘what makes a field recording special?’ Just what is it that elevates one recording from the everyday to something that makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck? In this two-part series, we ask fifteen notable field

Utopia D4: bridges and monasteries

“”In Utopia, bridges are used in the expected way: to cross major rivers like the Anider, to travel from one part of the island to another, and to aid shipping and commerce. Social interactions on a bridge take place on the go. Thus these bridges become a metaphor for Utopia itself.”

Si… No? An oblique look at Venice

“Despite the apparent contradiction, «Si… No?» is a common way of asking for confirmation in Romance languages, and is often used as a kind of question tag, similar to the English «…right?». A loop of the phrase, accompanied by the cadence of the waves on the Canale, helped me hold that together.”