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Tag: Mark Taylor

earth's surface

Earth’s surface

Our Inferno project launches today, bringing Dante’s vision of Hell to life through sound – over the coming days we’ll be taking you on a trip through some of the zones of the Inferno to hear some of the fantastic contributions to the project, marking 700 years of The Divine

puja bells

Reimagining the sacred bells of Puja

Join us in Tamil Nadu, India today, to hear this gorgeous field recording by Gianni Siccardi, who noted while recording the Puja in a Ramana ashram that “I was fascinated by the sound of bells and by the connections with bells in western churches.” City version: Mark Taylor has reimagined

Violins, Paganini and the Devil at Castel Sant’Angelo, Rome

Castel Sant’Angelo is one of my favourite spots in Rome – a beautiful fortress with a fascinating history that dominates this stretch of the Tiber in the city. The stretch on the bridge leading up to Castel Sant’Angelo, however, is a real tourist trap, lined with buskers, artists, trinket sellers


The Blair Witch cemetery, Burkittsville

We visited Burkittsville, Maryland – the setting of The Blair Witch Project – on a horror movie pilgrimage, and a eerie fog descended over the town almost exactly as we arrived. From the cemetery in the town, this created a really spooky atmosphere leading to a series of black and white


The sounds of climate change (protest)

The sounds of protest against climate change today, courtesy of Ben Gale in Paris: “This is a recording of the Red Lines protest on 12th December 2015 – The final day of the COP21 United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Paris. “The protest was arranged to make sure that