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Tag: Rand Lo

All aboard! Ferry now departing San Francisco Bay

  Off to sunny San Francisco today, for a field recording from SF native Rand Lo (whose excellent busker recording we remixed a while ago), who brings us this great, rhythmic recording of the clacking departure board sign at the Ferry Building. For the remix, over a bed of drones

The sounds of Sunnyvale versus San Francisco

San Franciscan field recorder Rand Lo from Sound Diary San Francisco kindly submitted several of his recordings from around the city to be included in Cities and Memory, inviting us to do the remixing from his original recordings – he’s got some great street audio and documentary audio, so have

Remixing the sounds of San Francisco Bay…

  A short sound clip from San Francisco – one of the tannoy announcements from a trip in San Francisco harbour, encouraging us all to be good citizens and recycle. So, as an obedient citizen, I’ve recycled the sound of the announcement. The remixed version is entirely composed of edited