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Tag: Restive

5.00 am – Inside a sex shop on the Reeperbahn

Our stay in the Reeperbahn district as a sonic tourist would unfortunately not be complete without a quick stop inside one of its many sex shops – our intrigue as to whether they might make interesting sonic environments led us into one late into the night, and sonically there’s little

Sounds from a South African bird sanctuary

Our second sound from Restive comes from a bird sanctuary in Cape Town – as you’d expect, the field recording is a calming record of the sounds of nature, with the odd bit of cityscape floating into the mix. The remix artfully blends this with more urban sounds and unsettling

From the top of Table Mountain

Last week we were lucky enough to get a whole load of submissions from a South African sound artist called Tristan, who composes and performs under the name Restive (check out his other sounds). He produced an extensive sound installation using field recordings from around Cape Town and his own