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Tag: Simon Woods

Fighting Covid on the railways of Italy

As the Covid-19 pandemic rages on, it continues to alter the sounds of our world, too. On board this regional train from Vicenza to San Pietro in Gù in northern Italy during January 2022, you can hear announcements including reminders about testing and mask wearing on board all trains, as

Rescue helicopter at Durdle Door

Emergency! The sounds of rescue at Durdle Door

On a visit to the iconic Jurassic Coast tourist attraction of Durdle Door, the beach was suddenly cleared of people by site security, as a search and rescue helicopter was called to take off someone in distress to hospital. This recording captures the helicopter arriving and coming in to land,

Buona Festa della Repubblica, Italy!

The second of June marks Festa della Repubblica in Italy, one of the national symbols of the country, with a central celebration taking place every year in Rome. We were there in 2017 to record the sounds of the parade, as every possible branch of the Italian military marched past,


Vestibule and Acheron

Dante and Virgil pass through the Vestibule of Hell, hearing the screams of the Uncommitted, and reach the ferry across the river Acheron that will finally take them into Hell itself – today’s pieces from the Inferno project cover the Vestibule and Acheron, so let’s take a listen. First up,

A protest from twenty-six years ago

Today we can hear the oldest recording in our Protest and Politics project, and one of the earliest recordings on Cities and Memory. Going back to January 1991, here’s a protest in Washington DC against the first Gulf War, two days after the commencement of the US-led air war against