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Tag: Stephanie Merchak

The sounds of Saturn

Spooky sounds from Saturn today, courtesy of NASA. Saturn is a source of intense radio emissions, which were monitored by its Cassini spacecraft. The radio waves are closely related to the auroras near the poles of the planet – these auroras are similar to Earth’s northern and southern lights. This

Protesting the banking collapse in Iceland

Stuart Bowditch sent us this recording from Reykjavik, Iceland, where protests were taking place over the banking collapse: “Recorded on the same trip as my previous submission for Sacred Spaces, I stumbled upon this protest about the banking collapse outside the Icelandic Government Building on Kirkjustræti. “There were many people

Birdsong on the Great Wall of China

A quite lovely recording and recomposition today from China. Mark Wilden recorded the sounds of birdsong as heard from up on the Great Wall of China – with the ever-present throb of traffic from a nearby town pulsing beneath the recording as an inescapable reminder of the country’s ongoing industrial

The sacred sounds of Myanmar

Stephane Marin sent us a series of beautiful binaural recordings from his travels in Myanmar, which unsurprisingly proved popular among artists keen to explore their sonic potential. Here are four pieces from the country.