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Tag: Warren Daly

In Limbo

Our journey into Dante’s Inferno continues, and today we’re suspended in Limbo, with four pieces from this liminal space in Hell, the first of which comes from Warren Daly. “My composition tries to capture the varied emotions of being ensnared in limbo. “I used field recordings from a tropical forest in

Celestial falcon calls in Kyrgyzstan

We’re very pleased to be able to add Kyrgzystan as the 66th country on the Cities and Memory sound map today, with a recording by Mark Wilden from the Tash Rabat yurt camp, located just 20 miles from the border with China. Regular contributor Warren Daly came up with a

The beauty of four organs

The sounds of church organs were some of the most striking sounds in Sacred Spaces – today we wanted to take the time to highlight just four to you, which have some remarkably beautiful reimagined counterparts.

The birds of Cambodia

Come with us to Cambodia today, and listen to the sounds of birds singing in the branches of the mango trees, and an ambient remix of that already-lovely sound.