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The Earth’s surface section of the Inferno, reimagined by Mark Taylor.

“Canto 1 and 2 of Inferno take place entirely on the surface of the Earth, so I decided to base my music around the strong narrative contained within these opening verses:

Opening section:

“Dante is halfway through his life. We find him walking along contentedly, but there is an edge of melancholy to his mood; something is missing.”

Section 2 (starts at 1 min 4 seconds):

“He has unwittingly wandered into a dangerous forest. Panic rises – he feels more and more desperate, trapped and hopelessly lost.”

Section 3 (starts at 2 min 32 seconds):

“Just as he feels that all hope is gone, Dante sees a shining light above a distant hilltop. Maybe he can find his way back to the right path?”

Section 4 (starts at 3 min 6 seconds):

“Dante tries to climb the hill and reach the light but his path is blocked by three terrifying beasts. A heroic confrontation ensues as he tries to find a way past them and reach salvation.”

Section 5 (starts at 4 min 16 seconds):

“A despairing Dante is forced to retreat back into the forest but his misery is lifted by the unexpected appearance of the Roman poet Virgil. Virgil’s spirit has been sent to guide Dante back towards the light.”

Section 6 (starts at 5 min 10 seconds):

“Virgil warns Dante that before they can climb the hill they must first pass through the place of eternal punishment (Hell) and then a place of lesser punishment (Purgatory); only then can they reach God’s city (Heaven). Slowly but surely, they begin their journey. Dante is determined but still full of doubt.”

Section 7 (starts at 6 min 14 seconds):

“Approaching the edge of the forest they see a distant, first sight of the Gates of Hell.”Created using Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate software running in Sonar X3 DAW.”

Part of the Inferno project by Cities and Memory to imagine and compose the sounds of Dante’s Hell, marking the 700th anniversary of The Divine Comedy.
Eighty artists from around the world each composed the sounds of a different zone of the poet’s journey through the Inferno.
To find out more and listen to the whole project, visit


A brand new soundtrack for the 1911 Italian silent movie L’Inferno was also composed from edited selections from the Inferno project.