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Euston, we have a problem…


Today’s journey into sound takes us underground, into Euston Underground station in London, to be exact. The first clip is what you’d expect to hear in any tube station at peak time – the departure of one train very swfitly followed by the arrival of another. At the time of recording, I didn’t have the windshield for my recorder, and monitoring through headphones you appreciate what a windy environment a underground tube is – the first recording was unusable, and for this one I needed to improvise a windshield from a coat. There’s still a little wind noise on the recording, but it’s decent enough.

The remix attempts to play on that feeling of being in a heavily-reverbed, echoey space like a tile-covered tunnel, and takes the sound into a woozy, dreamy place, like a dream about being trapped in an Underground station.

Field recording:


Remixed version:


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