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There’s no rainstorm like a Sicilian rainstorm

Today’s sound is a beautiful field recording submitted by Fabio R. Lattuca, who’s part of the Vacua Moenia collective – a sonic study of abandoned Sicilian spaces (take a look over here). He sent in a lovely recording of a crashing rainstorm in Palermo for us to work with. For the remix, I was listening to the different phases of the rainstorm even in this short recording, from relative calm to huge thunderclaps, so I wanted the remix to move in phases too. Layering seven different effected version on top of each other, I used various envelopes to switch subtly (and not so subtly) between different effected portions of the sound, to give the remix some flow and progress too. I hope Fabio likes it, and you like it too.

Field recording:


Remixed version: 


Inappropriately-sunny photo of the location: