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An LA story, told in sounds

Wages-Stairs_picToday we’re off to Los Angeles, courtesy of a submission from LA musician Nick Campbell, who has blended the sounds of the staircase in his office building with meditative chants from a nearby house to create a new sound and a new place from the results. He writes:

“The stairs are in the office building I work in during the day. Sometimes I climb the stairs rather than take the elevator. I always find the pace of climbing the many flights meditative.

“The chant is from a house near where I live. I’ve walked by before when they have meditation groups (they meet in their living room and leave all of the windows open to the street), but this time was particularly powerful and loud, so I quickly pulled out my phone to record a bit of it.
“I realized once both were in place that they were at roughly the same BPM, and furthermore were thematically linked – a literal meditational chant on top of my meditative climb up the stairs. I also liked how the two sounds symbolized something so different – the stairs are solitary, made of dingy concrete in a large office building – the chant is a group of people working to attain something higher in a small beautiful home surrounded by gardens.”
Field recording:

Remixed version:

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