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The bells of Asiago, heard in two places simultaneously

asiago2A day trip to Asiago (where the cheese comes from, yep) up in the mountains – a quiet, sleepy town, especially when you visit it in the off season and during the afternoon lunch break. As such, sonically there was little else going on apart from the bells to call people in to mass. We heard the bells once while visiting the huge war memorial on a hill above the town, then once again while in the main square that was actually home to the bell tower. As such, this was a pretty straightforward idea for a remix – the same bells, heard from two different locations, but layered on top of each other so you can have the same sonic experience, but from two different locations simultaneously. In the the picture, you can see the view from the top of the war memorial, and just to the right of the centre is the bell tower in the centre of town. In the remix, one channel is the original field recording, the other is the sonic ‘view’ from the viewpoint in the picture.

City version:


Memory version:


[mappress mapid=”42″]