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The violins of Paris

parxmas24Today’s sound is the first of several submitted by field recordist Jase Warner, who says of his recent field recording expedition: “I was fortunate enough to do a few days of recording towards the end of last year in Paris, following on from my work earlier in the year in Venice and Avignon. After first visiting Palais de Tokyo, where I saw (and heard) the work of Philippe Parreno, my native tour guide (Marie Rouillon) and I ventured through the city, recording car horns, the fountain outside Le Louvre, French chatter in the streets, La Seine at night, musicians under archways and far-off protests in Le Jardin des Plantes.”

This recording is musicians in the courtyard adjacent to the Louvre in Paris, remixed by Cities and Memory. For the reworking, I’ve taken several sheets of electronic drones made from a snippet of the violin sample, but overlaid the original recording so it swims in and out of the drones. There’s also a looped section of violin in the mix, which pulses away rhythmically between the ‘real’ samples of the actual recording. The whole thing ends by fading down to the original mix as we leave the memory sound world behind and snap back to applaud the musicians in the real world.

City version:


Memory version:


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