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The top ten sounds from April 2014

Time for our monthly roundup of the best sounds from around the world, both those we’ve made ourselves in the Cities and Memory labs, and those submitted by artists and field recordists. This month we’ve had a bumper crop of contributions from lots of people, so there are six contributions and just four of our own sounds here.

Dive in and have a listen!

Sounds submitted by global contributors:

– Paris, France – violins at the Louvre, as an electronic dronefest (field recording by Jase Warner)

– Calcutta, India – an oasis of calm found in a museum inside one of India’s busiest cities (both sounds by Moumita Roy)

– Los Angeles, USA – spiritual chanting mixes with a regular commute to work (both sounds by Nick Campbell)

– Birmingham, UK – what does cloud computing sound like (both sounds by Matt Parker)

– Ferrara, Italy: the sound of the bustling piazza, reimagined (field recording by Antonella Radicchi)

And a handful of our home-grown sounds:

– Barbican Centre, London: Remixing the Barbican from the inside out 

– Burford, UK: How to turn an ordinary conversation into something quite frightening

– St Ives, Cornwall: crazed seagulls, turned into a new piece of music

– Venice, Italy: Back home to Venice, the birthplace of Cities and Memory