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An oasis of calm in a busy city in India

BeFunky_null_2.jpgThis morning we pay a visit to the Indian Museum in Calcutta, thanks to regular contributor Moumita Roy, who sends in two sounds from this interesting space.

She says: “The Indian museum is located in Park Street, one of the busiest spots in  the city.The reason I chose to record the soundscape of the museum is that even amidst all the hustle bustle of the city this place quietly connects us to the past. Once you step into the museum its a completely different world inside. The day I went for the recording had a lot of visitors,noisy families and kids playing around , so you hear a lot of talking and footsteps inside the huge hall room.

“For the memory version I tried to bring the feeling of time travelling between the past and the present.” She’s done a great job!


City version:


Memory version:


[mappress mapid=”34″]