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Lifting the lid on Ferrara’s piazza

Ferrara 060414 Antonella RadicchiA day trip to Ferrara, Italy, with a field recording submitted by sound artist Antonella Radicchi, who runs the excellent Firenze Sound Map, which I recommend you go and check out right away. It’s a collections of sounds from Florence, and the emotional responses those sounds triggered in people – an emotional sound map of a city. In fact, if you check out the sounds numbered 51 and 52 on the Firenze sound map, you’ll find they were submitted by me after a trip to that amazing city.

Anyhow, this sounds comes from a trip to Ferrara for another of Antonella’s projects, and she kindly submitted it for us to remix – it’s from the Piazza delle Cathedrale (pictured). For the remix, I’ve tried to transport the piazza into a different space, perhaps a vast industrial zone or a foundry, taking away the sense of peace and space from the piazza but focusing on the bustle and activity and placing that activity somewhere new.

City version:


Memory version:


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