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What would a stream sound like from underground?

IMG_0163A recent field recording trip to Cornwall was extremely fruitful, garnering all sorts of coastal sounds from beautiful places, as well as the Eden Project and others to come on the site soon. The first is from the abandoned mine at Carn Galver, which operated during the 1800s and is long since closed down, but is a pretty National Trust site these days. The name means ‘rockpile at the looking place’, which is pretty accurate given the gorgeous views of the sea from the top. Apparently the mine was never particularly productive due to long-standing drainage issues, which was amusing to discover after the fact, since the principal feature in its sonic environment was a very pure little bubbling stream, which constitutes this field recording. For the remix, I’ve tried to bring in something of a subterranean quality to it, imagining what the stream might sound like from below, if you were standing directly beneath it in the long-abandoned mine.

City version:


Memory version:

[mappress mapid=”35″]