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The sound from inside a wind turbine

811146_56c308b1Today’s sound is the sound of sustainable power, as I got up close and personal with a wind turbine in Cornwall, UK. The sounds you can hear in the field recording are the small generator hut at the base of the wind turbine providing a base drone, accompanied by the swishing of the turbine’s enormous blades just overhead. I remember thinking how loud and almost intimidating the sound was to hear so close, the ground practically shaking and the noise almost akin to a helicopter overhead, making the blades feel as if they were coming much closer to you than they actually were – these things do sound amazing up close.

For the remix, sound artist Martin Dixon has taken on the challenge of this sound, really bringing a faraway, metallic and alien sheen to the sound – it’s more like the landing pattern of an alien spacecraft than a mundane sustainable power solution in the Cornish countryside.

City version:


Memory version: