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What does it sound like to fall ill underground?

oldstIt was a baking hot day on the London Underground, and an absolutely packed Tube carriage at Old Street station was being held up. Surrounded by hot, uncomfortable people, I recorded this section of typical shuffling and rustling, interspersed by tannoy announcements and trains passing in the other direction. Then, at the end, there’s a request for any medical personnel on the train to make themselves known because the train’s being held up by a passenger falling sick.

This immediately developed into the remix idea – how awful to be on a packed, sweltering Tube train, only to fall ill and need medical assistance. For this remix, I’ve tried to imagine the sound from the perspective of the sick passenger, the confusing announcement, the swirling fug of heat turning into a confusing, enveloping drone that makes thinking difficult and standing up impossible.

City version:


Memory version: