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We’ve redesigned Cities and Memory

screenshotIt’s been a busy weekend for us, and we’ve been hard at work redesigning the website. It’s not complete yet, so feedback is really welcome in the comments, but here’s the basic idea:

  • We wanted to give you more ways to explore the sounds of the world than just the one global sound map. So to this end, we’ve created five city maps where the individual location has enough sounds to warrant exploring in its own right. So far, this is limited to London, Oxford, Cape Town, San Francisco and Flat Holm Island, but we hope to add more in the near future.
  • You can now search by location from the homepage to find all the sounds from a given place, whether that’s a city, a country, or a more specific location.
  • We’ve also grouped some sounds into the most popular categories by type of sound, so you can explore all the different sounds from – and interpretations of – everything from markets and cathedrals to birdsong, thunderstorms and waves.
  • The site should also be much more responsive now according to whether you’re on mobile or desktop, or what size screen you’re viewing on.

Hope this makes viewing the site and listening to the sounds easier and more interesting, but let us know what you think!