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A rainy day, turned into music

bereIf you’re not reading this from the UK at the moment, you won’t be aware that for the last few days, the weather here has been depressingly awful (considering it’s meant to be summer), dark grey skies and entire days full of thick rain. Which means today feels like an appropriate time to post this sound from Bere Forest in Hampshire.

What was meant to be a day touring the UK by car taking field recordings turned into something of a washout earlier this year, when the weather turned against me for the entire day – though I did turn some torrential rain into a rhythm track for this remix. Stopping at Bere Forest and braving the rain, I took this short recording of a rainy forest before retreating to the safety of my car. Tim Waterfield has taken his sound tools to the recording and come up with this floating, arpeggiated mix of the sounds of rain – if depressing sheets of rain really sounded like this, the world would be a much more musical place.

City version:


Memory version: