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How to be in four places at the same time

3903853413_3b29b3d1af_oAnother one from our series of fairground sounds, again from Oxford’s annual St. Giles Fair – the sounds of slot machines, air hockey and arcade games in the games arcade situated in the middle of the fair. Bristol’s Dan Gusset has taken a pleasingly subtle approach, blending this sound with three or four other field recordings from the same fair into the same collage of sounds. At first listen, it sounds rather like one recording of the same funfair, until you start to notice the impossibilities: the sound of games callers coming from the same location as a game of air hockey, or the ghost train being in the same place as the hook-a-duck game. Nicely edited and really makes you listen out for what’s coming from where, and how it might be different from or similar to a documentary field recording.

City version:


Memory version: