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11.00 am – Hamburg’s gardens of dub

28-2Having cleansed our minds with an hour inside the city’s inspiring landmark, we head to Hamburg’s central park, Planten Und Blomen, for our final stop in a long 24-hour city tour! It’s a beautiful, peaceful space with water features, wildlife (you can hear the birds clearly – blackbirds, I think?), trees and flowers covering quite a huge area. Notably, however, due to its central location, the traffic and city noise penetrates even this placid oasis within the city, reminding you that however peaceful you feel right now, the city holds you and owns you even in these moments.

Hamburg’s own 3dtorus seemed like an appropriate person to take on the sound of this place as our last ‘proper’ stop before we begin the journey back – a Hamburg native seeing us off on our way home.

Talking about his recording, titled ‘Planten Und Blomen in Dub’ he explains: “I chose this recording because it is my favourite place in Hamburg, on hot sunny days as well as on rainy days, even in winter this garden has its own beauty. Somehow, in my mind it goes well with a dubby sound.”

City version:


Memory version: