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9.30 am – Are we creating a sonic model city?

You can’t see all of Miniatur Wunderland in just half an hour, so we stay a little longer, and take Oxford sound artist Lee Riley along for the ride with us too. This time we hear a tiny police chase taking place in a model version of Hamburg, followed by the Elbphilharmonie (in real life not yet completed!) performing some classical music for us.

It strikes me that for all Miniatur Wunderland represents an idealised, typified version of Hamburg with everything in its right place and all the sights you’d expect to see, perhaps we’re creating our own sonic version of Miniatur Wunderland here? By layering together lots of sounds from the places you’d expect to experience in Hamburg and then developing our own idealised versions of those sounds, is this in fact a sonic model city?

Ponder that thought while listening to Lee Riley’s remix of the scene in front of him.

City version:


Memory version: