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Cities and Memory – the album

Cities and Memory – the album
26th November 2014 Cities and Memory

Recorder in ElbtunnelI’m delighted to say that German net label Mobius Spin will be releasing a selection of the reimagined sounds from our recent #Hamburgsounds project as an album next month.

The album, which will be titled ‘Erinnerungen an eine Stadt’, will feature 24 track based on my field recordings from Hamburg from 24 different sounds artists, representing 24 hours in the life of the city of Hamburg. The track listing will take you on a geographical trip across the city, starting in the west at the Willkomm Hoeft, and finishing further east in Ohlsdorf. Along the way, there will be pounding techno, delicate piano ballads, abstract drone compositions and several pieces that defy any categorization at all!

Best of all, the album will be completely free to download.

It’s out on 12 December, and will feature a PDF full of info about all the artists who’ve contributed.

The full tracklisting is as follows (titles followed by the location the track is based on):

  1. Hamburg Daydream (Willkomm Hoeft) – Jase Warner
  2. Nationalhymne (Willkomm Hoeft) – Mike Bingham
  3. Autopistas Imaginarias (Bahrenfelder Strasse) – Emmanuel Galvan
  4. Under the Elbe (Blankenese) – Eric Powell
  5. Ticket to Ride (reprise) (Fabrik) – Colin Ventura
  6. Anti-ISIS Techno (Altona) – Tim Waterfield
  7. Monoliths on the River Elbe (St. Pauli Fischmarkt)- Dan Tapper
  8. Grosse Freiheit Hamburg (Random Mix) (Grosse Freiheit) – Random Order Collective
  9. German Football (Sibersacktwiete) – Kid Kin
  10. Devils In The Night (Landungsbruecken) – Laurence Colbert
  11. The Elbe’s Concert Pitch (Landungsbruecken) – Cities and Memory
  12. restive under the river rmx (Old Elbtunnel) – restive
  13. Epsilon (Sternschanze) – Stanislav Nikolov
  14. The Floodgate Opens (Ellerholzschleuse) – Mimetik
  15. Alte Orgel neuer Klang (St. Michaelis) – Martin Dixon
  16. St Michaelis Hamburg vs St Mary’s Birmingham (St. Michaelis) – Matt Parker
  17. Planten Und Blomen in Dub (Planten Und Blomen) – Martin Kristopher
  18. Breakdown in Communication (Hamburg Airport) – Amber-Zoë Cheesman
  19. Two Thousand Bridges (Heiligengeistbruecke) – Andy Lyon
  20. Five Little Steam Engines (Speicherstadt) – La Cosa Preziosa
  21. Katzenjammer (Jungfernstieg) – This Little Piggy
  22. Memories… Walking With The Gulls (Rathausmarkt) – Mark Taylor
  23. Subterranean (Steintorplatz) – Lee Barry
  24. Bahn Train (Alan Bleay Coptitution Remix) (Ohlsdorf) – Alan Bleay