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When five clocks chime at the same time

5 corners 2 (1500 x 1000)Geoff Edwards from Canada listened to our recent piece on CBC national radio, in which we lamented the lack of Canadian sounds on the map, and set out to rectify it, sending us this recording of the clock chiming at a place called Five Corners (for obvious reasons) in his home town of Chilliwack, BC. When tackling this one, the name Five Corners led directly to the idea of one set of bells for each corner, so I’ve layered five lots of the same bell sound on top of each other. Each sound is of a very slightly different length (ranging from approximately 0.02 to 0.1 seconds of difference from sound to sound), so they gradually drift out of phase from one another over the course of ten minutes. They begin in unison, and the gradual phasing is accompanied by the gradual application of some degenerative effects like low-pass filters and distortion on some sounds. The piece ends with the clocks finally, after that incredibly long wait, achieving resolution by chiming the hour dramatically.

City version:


Memory version: