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Industry vs. spirituality in Milan’s Duomo

20140922_134631Our first sound from Milan – and there are more to come. On our first visit to the iconic Duomo, we were fortunate enough to encounter some sounds you don’t normally hear in huge cathedrals like this – the sounds of restoration taking place. There was an industrial vacuum cleaner-type sound, a power generator and some men at the top of a crane cleaning around the upper levels, striking the stone rhythmically over and over. When combined with the cavernous natural reverb of this mighty building, it made for an unusual and arresting sound to go along with our visit. For the remix. we’ve taken the sound as far away from the spiritual as possible, creating a great industrial slab of dark ambient made from the sounds of the Duomo, which build into drum hits made from the restoration noises.

City version:


Memory version: