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Cities & Memory: exhibition in Oxford

gallery_02We’re pleased to be taking part in a new exhibition in Oxford later this month, at the O3 Gallery within Oxford’s famous Castle Quarter. The exhibition, called ‘Kymmata’ (the Greek word for ‘waves’), is a five day exhibition of installation, artwork and live performances, at which the soundtrack (and one of the exhibits) will be a three-hour seamless mix of Cities and Memory sounds.

Taking a trip across the world from west to east, we’ll begin in San Francisco and end in South Korea, taking in 25 countries along the way, as each field recording blends into the reimagined version of itself, and then into the next location. The soundscape has been created specifically to fit the theme of the exhibition and to work within the space, and will form the sound element of this multidisciplinary five-day showcase.

In the words of the curators, the exhibition ‘challenges the ethereal dynamic that exists between artists and their practice. The project explores the unique idolatry formulated around the work that is produced and alludes to how the artwork itself can be seen to take on a personality, form and character. The theme also explores the idea of creative playfulness between ‘creator’ and ‘subject’, sculpting the amorphous clay of inquiry and rustling the leaves of one’s internal wilderness.’

The Cities and Memory soundscape (and the rest of the exhibition) will be open to the public from 12 noon until 5.00 pm from Wednesday 28 January until Friday 30 January. You can find out more about the event here.