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Dreaming of the light at Palazzo Grassi

10702159_833517323349276_3941529566252669829_nBack to our spiritual home of Venice, and the wonderful 2014 exhibition ‘L’illusion della luce’ at Palazzo Grassi next to the Grand Canal. The exhibition explored light in various forms, but featured an unusually high level of sonic interest in amongst its exhibits.

The first was an exhibition composed of video screens with various talking heads intoning mournfully in a language I didn’t immediately recognise, and the second a rather wonderful short film, with ambient music accompaniment by Terry Riley.

For the reimagined sound, I’ve taken the feeling of exploring this excellent exhibition with its array of moody, thoughtful pieces, and come up with a reverb-drenched musical meditation based on how it made me feel, built entirely with effected bass guitar and elements from the original field recordings blended together.
Taking in a piece of Terry Riley music and incorporating it into the remix – no pressure at all, then…!

City version:

Memory version: