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Electronica from a quintessential English park

dsc_1845We’re off to beautiful Canterbury today, a quintessentially English town in Kent, and a visit to the parks at Westgate Gardens, courtesy of local sound artist Sam Rogerson. He told us about how he chose and composed the piece:

“The piece “Parks” was composed for one of my undergraduate degree modules following the idea of creative sound design. Following a new-found interest in field and location recording, I decided to go out and capture some material around my student home of Canterbury.
One of the recordings I gathered was from a public area, Westgate Gardens, and what particularly stood out for me was the range of sounds heard in the recording (the stream, distant traffic, children playing, dogs swimming/playing and so on).”
“As the module’s aims were to create a piece from an interesting original source and to demonstrate skills in sonic manipulation, I decided to try to create a track from just one piece of real world sound. What I created is a reflection of my treatment of this recording and my own take on manipulating sound.
I wanted to create a rhythmic piece which could be listened to both at home but also out and about in cities and the public parks and green spaces we often find in these cities. Whilst containing synthesised sounds generated from the recording, I wanted to blend together pieces of the original into the electronica to conjure up some of the ambience of exploring that location on a winter’s afternoon.”
City version:

Memory version: