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Coming soon – Cities and Memory: Oblique Strategies!

More than 100 sound artists applied to take part in our Oblique Strategies project, which finally lOS_Shareable_3aunches on Friday 10 April here on the site.

Each artist selected a source field recording to reimagine, and was then allocated two of Eno & Schmidt’s Oblique Strategy cards, which they used to guide, inform and inspire their reimagined version of the recording. Thus, the project builds a whole world of new sounds, created and divined by chance and oblique inspiration.

The sounds are spread over 19 countries, and feature more than 50 artists’ interpretations of sounds as diverse as calls to prayer, sports matches, tropical insects, rail and air travel and sinister electrical drones.

A selection of the sounds will also be released as a free album next week – more news on this later. It’s been an inspiring sonic journey, and we’re excited to share the results with you.