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Friedrich-Electro Strasse

bild_blick_stadtausw_rtsKassel, Germany, and a field recording from Friedrich-Ebert Strasse by local contributor Thorsten Druecker. He’s applied the instructions Do the words need changing? and Simple subtraction to the recording, and created a piece of electronica with pulsing electro beats, all based around the original recording, as he explains:

“”Do the words need changing”: As I started working on recording of the sounds of the Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse, I was think about distorting the piece and only use samples from it. The card made me keep the recording and leave it underneath the whole time. So I didn’t change the words, but added something.”

“”Simple Subtraction”: By adding samples from my recording, I tried to keep it as simple as possible in a natural way and leave out un unnecessary things without cutting out in a forced way!”

City version:


Memory version: