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Hiroshima Peace Park – A line has two sides

Hiroshima, Japan – a field recording by Swansea-based Mark Baker, which has been transformed into something new by German sound artist Andreas Usenbenz, using the Oblique Strategy card A line has two sides as inspiration.

Here, Andreas explains his approach:

“When I got the cards from you, I found a really strong relationship between the Hiroshima Recording and the instruction “a line has two sides”.”

“For me, the minimalism, which Japan or somehow all eastern religions have, is very strong. It focuses on the things and so i do in my music.”

“I’m focusing on minimalism and repetitive movements and patterns. For me, the phrase “a line has two sides” is the description for a minimalistic music piece which is recognized from both sides, from the original and from the remix side. The line stands for the correlation ship between this compositions and how they are connected to each other.”

Andreas runs his own label, and released this piece as part of a super-limited two-song cassette EP, limited to 30 copies – you can order a copy at this link.

City version:


Memory version: