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Mute and continue in Shanghai’s temples

Jade_BuddhaWe’re off to China today, as we add our first sounds from Shanghai, courtesy of Ethan Jones, who visited the Jade Buddha Temple to listen to prayers there. Using the Oblique Strategy card Mute and continue, he’s constructed something new from the temple sounds, as he explains here:

“I took my Oblique Strategy card’s direction fairly literally — “mute and continue”.”

“My source is a recording I made on a TEAC VR-20W of two groups of Buddhist monks warming up with some chants while a lady enters the courtyard and speaks with someone on her cellphone, on 22 January 2015 at the Jade Buddah Temple, Shanghai, China.”

“I liked the incongruity of the conversation between the lady and the person at the other end of the line, and the back and forth chanting conversation of two groups of monks, but the lady’s voice was very loud, so it made sense to mute her as much as possible whenever she spoke.”

“I also applied some filters to mute the overall sound. Then I continued the muting process somewhat randomly for another couple of generations.”

City version:


Memory version: