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Zittau, Germany: oblique ducks and strategic dogs

zittauA home recording from regular contributor Heiko Jay, who sent us a night recording from his home town of Zittau, Germany – dogs barking and duck sounds can clearly be heard. He applied the Oblique Strategy cards Take away the important parts and Only a part, not the whole to the recording, and sent us a technical breakdown of his approach:

“I put the field recording into two separate audio channels, one for each strategy card.I edited the original field recording with 4 eq plugins and 1 auto filter, you can hear the low and mids only (so, the important parts are gone).”

“I edited a short dog barking sequence (from the original recording) into a loop, changed the tempo and timing, addedan  auto filter + 1 eq.”

After that, I added 5 separate FX chains:
A: DubStation | EQ Eight | Auto Pan
B: EQ Eight | Grain Delay
C: EQ Eigth | Grain Delay | Auto Pan
D: Grain Delay | Auto Pan | Phaser
E: EQ Eight | Dubstation | Auto Filter, plus synth + bass drum + hi hat + cymbal + string sample.”

Here are the excellent results – and you can hear Heiko’s other Cities and Memory contributions over here.

City version:


Memory version: