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Oblique call to prayer, Bangladesh

Our first sound from Bangladesh today is a haunting call to prayer, collected by Luke Henrion on his travels to Dhaka and reimagined by regular contributor Aaron Rieger, using the Oblique Strategy cards Give way to your worst impulse and Only one element of each kind. Here he explains his creative approach:

“It was borne out of my obsession with getting rid of gaps and sudden drops in sound.”

“The first card, “Give way to your worst impulse”, made me think about how I approached a project creatively.”

“I have little tics that start to show off when I look at the editing screen, the biggest being large areas where there is no sound file.”

“It drives me crazy, and since I committed myself to only using the given sound without adding on any of my own, I found myself filling in the blank spots with re-used sound, often over and over.”

“This is my second card, “Only one element of each kind”, I interpreted to mean “use only the sound file”.”

“I broke off the sound into a left, center, and right channel, repeating some sounds over another to maintain the reverberant quality of the source material. I wanted to be faithful to the sonic atmosphere of the original sound effect as much as I could in the remix.”

City version:

Memory version: