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The last train home from Bath

Bath_Spa_railway_station_MMB_15_43127The last sound in our tour through the Quiet Street installation appropriately enough takes us to the end of our journey – catching the train home from Bath Spa station.

Announcements herald the arrival of the train to London, with chatter on the platform and the final roar of the train pulling into the station.

Sound artist Eric Boivin creates a new station using the Bath field recording as a starting point, but blending in sounds from trams, other trains and other stations to create an otherworldly place that is simultaneously all stations and no stations.

As well as working on its own, the installation mix, with both pieces playing together, is very effective at blurring the lines between the real station and the imagined Bath Spa station, creating a new, dreamlike place in its own right.

City version:


Memory version:


Installation mix (best listened to on headphones):