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Royal Deluxe street theatre, Antwerp

Royal Deluxe street theatre in Antwerp.
Royal Deluxe street theatre

Antwerp, Belgium – the visit of the legendary Royal Deluxe street theatre company.

This is street theatre with a difference, conducted at a grand, almost epic scale, and local artist Dieter van Staey took this field recording of how it sounded, and reimagined the sound for us.

Dieter writes of his reimagining:

“Grandma Giant sleeps as she travels through space, between two clouds in the Milky Way. On her journey she passes through the Planck Wall. Her spirit strays gently from star to star, but her body is already here and rested.”

“She lives behind the great explosion billions of years ago, the Big Bang. The Giants live in this unfamiliar, immense world. Sometimes they travel to earth. Sometimes they travel to Antwerp…”

“The sweet Grandma has many memories. Lovely, ancient stories that she wants to share with everyone.”

City version:


Memory version: